When I See a Couple with a Large Age Gap, I’m Always Suspicious

Is Age Just a Number?

Jaja Requa
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She’s 20, He’s 50.

When I see a couple with a large age gap, I’m always suspicious. Especially if the age gap is a 20 – 50 year difference and one of them is in their 20’s.

To me, large age gaps is about sex or money if the woman or man is in their sexual child bearing prime. Or they have daddy and mommy issues. Lol

Why do you think suga daddy and suga baby websites are so damn popular?

Sex and Money

It’s all fun and games once the women is in their sexual prime of their child bearing age for an older man…and vise versa. Because all that is really, is the older person sucking up all that sexual energy meant for starting a family.

On a primal basic level;

Younger people are tighter, wetter and harder for a reason.

It’s for the sake of facilitating the human race.

It’s the laws of nature, human survival, we can’t stop it.

Too much of an age gap is going to be difficult on a life long partnership in the long run. Cuz SOMEBODY is gonna die wayyyyyyyy much earlier than the other.

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But then again it’s nice having a younger sweet thing to change your diapers as you get older 😂


Why does the age gap gets smaller as people grow older.

As the ‘large year gap’ couple age, the age gap gets smaller and more “acceptable.”

For instance, say your wife is 12 years younger than you.

If you dated your wife at 16 or 17 you would definitely raise some eyebrows cuz to her parents you are almost 30 years old!

She’s a kid and your a grown man. Even worse if there’s a 20 year age gap.

Like this 31-year old woman pregnant with a 13 year old boy’s baby:



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