Racist and Immigrant Jokes & Situations That Cracked Me Up😂

Jaja Requa
7 min readSep 17, 2022

Here is a photo of me laughing at a racist joke:

A cook from Guatemala told me that 85% of black people are assholes. Immediately, I started bursting with laughter for 4 reasons:

  1. What he said was ridiculous in the first place.
  2. I’m black, so it took some balls saying that to me.
  3. He had a look on his face like his statement was an unfortunate fact.
  4. That was the most racist shit someone said to my face in my entire life.
  5. At the point the racist statement was made, there was no prior context to lead up to what he said to me. It was totally random so I wasn’t ready for it.

Now, being a people person, I’m not easily offended by diverse opinions. My default go to when people say things I think is ridiculous, is to ask why. Still laughing and barely being able to speak through my laughter, I asked why the hell would he say some racist shit like that.

His answer was an example of what happened to him recently. He said:

The other day, I was on the train…you know, how do you say, subway platform?…waiting for the train.

My cell phone was in my backpack and I wanted to know the time. I saw this black lady standing there looking at her phone. So I say to her, “Miss, can you tell me the time?”

And she started shouting at me, “get away from me! …How dare you ask me for the time!”

So I run away from her and say to myself “Cuño, what an asshole!”then he looked at me and said “ see what I mean?”🤣

I said “ no, no lo veo” which means ‘no I don’t see’ in Spanish.

I laughed soo hard…and it wasn’t just me. Everyone that was in earshot of this conversation was on the floor with laughter. And the funny thing is ….he genuinely looked confused as to why this was funny.😆

I swear even now writing this, I am literally crying tears of laughter 🤣 just like I did when he told me his reason he thinks 85% of blacks are assholes.

And if you don’t see why what he said was funny…I’m laughing at you too if I have to explain that 85% of black people are NOT like what that…

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