🎁 How to Never Buy Furniture or Any Item Again!

An Easy Side Hustle Guide to Earn Fun Cash for the Holidays

Jaja Requa
9 min readNov 28, 2023

Now I’m successful, I HAD to spread the good news.

I’ve been Flipping furniture and house hold items for the past 3 weeks and made money.

Flipping is making profit from selling items higher than what you paid for them.


It gets even better!

My new side hustle started when I discovered that :

They’re people literally & HAPPILY giving Away everything they own for FREE on Face Book Market place!

This opened up a whole new world for me because it’s not just Facebook Market place ….they are other platforms of which I’ll share below.

The reason why people I’ve met gave it to me are because they’re either moving or bought something to replace it or simply don’t want it anymore.

I’ve gotten high end designer tables, chairs, 50 inch Samsung inch TVs, a GE electric oven, Persian rugs you name it.



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