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Most articles written about breakups piss me off because they sound banal and cliche; band-aids that don’t get down to the root of the problem. That is why I’ve written how to get over a breakup to give real results and help you to fix other problems in the future…..But First, let me be clear that this step is important.

Accept your pain

You can begin to heal when you allow yourself to feel sad.

“Once you are clear on the process you have to go through, you have some control over how you experience it.” - unknown

Picture of me being ecstatic about making $800 in one day hardly doing anything.

My husband and I own a “book of dreams” journal meant to document our “impossible” dreams and goals we want for our future together.

In it I wrote:

“This book is not about hope

This book is about reality.

This book is about dreams coming through and coming true”

Even in the Bible God said “see things that are unseen as if they are seen“.

And if what is unseen seems impossible… So what, circumstances don’t matter.

Circumstances Don’t Matter and Here’s Why

What is going on in your reality is just a reflection of what’s going on in your mind. There is never really an…

How to fix it: The cause, The curse, The cure

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Did you know you can break your own heart?

Sometimes hitting a brick wall is what you need for a breakthrough. You can break your own heart but you can fix it with insight.

One morning, I woke up with the insight that I am not such a great person. I am an ungrateful bitch and coward that’s ruining my relationship because I’m afraid of love and it’ll f*ck up my love life forever if I don’t change. Now that’s insight!

The thing about insight is that it does nothing for you unless you do something about it. It’s always…

When Bad can be Good

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How can bad be good?

I would like to first illustrate this through an old Zen Chinese story :

A wise Chinese farmer and son had only one horse to plow the fields.

One day, the horse escaped and disappeared into the woods . When the neighboring villagers tried to console the old man over his bad luck, the farmer replied, “Bad luck? Good luck? Who knows!”

Days later, the horse returned with a herd of 12 wild horses. This time the villagers also came back to congratulate the farmer on his good luck.


Me with my two sons, Jazz (who had brain surgery) and Roman
Me with my two sons, Jazz (who had brain surgery) and Roman

I hate looking for things. When I can't find something, the act of looking immediately creates anxiety, worry and fear.

It makes me feel like the scene of the movie, the wizard of oz.

Lions and Tigers and bears Oh My!

Anxiety, worries and fears Oh My!

Have you ever been stressed out looking for your glasses and realized they were right on your face the whole time?

Or looked for your wallet, keys or phone and laughed at yourself because they were CLEARLY right in front of you?

Most of the time, these mini heart attacks we give…


How Masturbation is a Natural, Normal Spiritual Practice

Masturbation is natural and normal.

Where in the Bible does it say not to masturbate?

I don’t see that in the Bible anywhere. I grew up Catholic and has suffered from the guilt of my sexuality because of religion for many years.

Then it dawned on me one day that I’m being controlled.

Are you being controlled?

I mean, how can you know for sure?

Who knows? 🤷🏽‍♀️

We may all have a belief system that we don’t even question or even know why we believe what we believe. …

A Short Story that’ll Raise your Vibration in…

The Art of Giving Up and Going With It

My Husband And I one year after we met

Do you want to know how I found my Man?

Hard Core Surrender, Confidence and Faith.

Surrender = The Art of Giving Up

How I found my lover (now my husband) accidentally through a Man-Fast experiment

I use to be into assholes. Not by choice but subconsciously. All the guys I dated before were controlling, emotionally unavailable or/and abusive physically or verbally.

At first, I thought God had some conspiracy against me, but it was through a self-development class(the landmark forum), I found out I was not a victim, and I have to take responsibility for my life.

Why the hell don’t they teach this stuff in…


The Power of Resolve & What July 4th can mean for your Personal Freedom

Did you know that the Fourth of July is not the day we won our freedom?

Fourth of July has nothing to do with the date really …its deeper than that.

We celebrate when we SAID we were winners, not when we won the war.

On fourth of July we celebrates the day of the DECLARATION of independence.

We can learn from this !!🙏

This means there’s power in our resolve!

Our founding fathers taught us that there is power in…

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Self-Help Junky, Spiritual Journalist & Lover of Wisdom. I Love to write solutions to issues of humanity. I’m committed to touch, move & inspire the world.

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