Living with bipolar and ADHD without medication

The cover photo is of me in a manic state of feeling absolutely happy and loving myself. I hate myself right now or maybe I’m totally happy and I’m looking for problems to fix. If so, I’m a pathetic person at this very moment. I’m not sure.

I’m Bipolar

The worst part…


How Masturbation is a Natural, Normal Spiritual Practice

Masturbation is natural and normal.

Where in the Bible does it say not to masturbate?

I don’t see that in the Bible anywhere. …


The Power of Resolve & What July 4th can mean for your Personal Freedom

Did you know that the Fourth of July is not the day we won our freedom?

Fourth of July has nothing to do with the date really …its deeper than that.

Jaja Requa

Self-Help Junky, Spiritual Journalist & Lover of Wisdom. I’m committed to touch, move & inspire the world. Join me here

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